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Jackie Afram

I was born and raised in Southern California and lucky enough to have art classes most of my elementary and high school years.  I had just one class in college but it was with a wonderful professor, William J. Bradshaw.  He taught us to view our work in terms of its success and describe our pieces in such a way that we rarely knew if he liked them or not . After college I moved to Washington DC to work for the government and a colleague urged me to join her in taking oil painting classes  That was about 50 years ago and I have been an oil painter ever since.  I am a member of the Arlington Artists Alliance and their Gallery Underground.


My art comes from my life experiences.   I love working from photos of friends and family.  I draw inspiration from museum collections and enjoy trying to detect artists' special techniques. I approach each painting with the style I believe best suits the subject.  I have learned to add or subtract paint, and push it around with palette knife, brush, finger or paper towel.  Oil paint is my primary media   The many ways one can use it with a variety of media intrigues me.  Recently I have enjoyed using oil bars and now oil markers .   Each painting is a learning experience and I have yet a lot to learn.  Come see my work at the Gallery Underground in Crystal City and other Arlington Alliance venues.

Laced Cuff