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Judy Isaacs

Judy Isaacs began drawing as a child and continued her interest in art and color at Colorado State University where she received a Degree in Fine Arts.  This led to a career in interior design working for the Federal Government until 1997.    Subsequently she has worked as a color consultant for the past ten years.

The love of color led her to her current interest in working with watercolors.  This is one of the most challenging of art forms and requires a relaxed attitude and the willingness to make lots of mistakes to create a painting that one can enjoy.  I?m still very much of an amateur when it comes to being satisfied with my work.

I have worked with color pencils, pastels and most recently, photography.  I love to travel, and take in the culture of places I visit.  My latest trip was to the   Yucatan area of Mexico.  We visited several Mayan ruins and the cities of Merida and Campeche.  I am using some of the photos from this trip as inspirations for current watercolor paintings.
 Currently, I?m taking watercolor classes from Gwen Bragg and last year from Rachel Collins at the Torpedo Factory and am learning many new things about color and composition.  They are  wonderful artists and excellent teachers.

 I have pursued my artwork in retirement for the pure enjoyment of capturing scenes that give me pleasure.  I hope I can convey to the viewer a sense of the places that inspire me.