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Lauren Marcott

Lauren Hueber Marcott works at home, mostly in watercolor.  She finds that a large part of watercolor's charm is that one sometimes just has to stand back and let the paint sort itself out.   She has sketched most of her life, but going beyond pen and pencil into color was a qualitative change.  Ms. Marcott graduated in journalism from the University of Georgia, paying for college trips with quick sketches and portraits of colleagues and fellow students.  She earned her M.S. from the Bank Street School of Education in NYC,  and taught at Columbia University's Teachers College Agnes Russell School in Manhattan.  She worked summers in Rough Rock, Arizona, where she encountered the unique perspectives and tints of the Southwestern landscape.  She studied at Columbia's School of East Asian Affairs before moving to Taipei, Taiwan, to teach school and travel around East and Southeast Asia and Europe.  Many of her Asian impressions have worked themselves into her art.


Ms. Marcott retired from the U.S. State Department as a Foreign Service officer after postings in London, Izmir, Moscow, and Kyiv, as well as various places in D.C.  At her farewell, her colleagues presented her with a generous gift of online art supplies, which Ms. Marcott put to good use.  In addition to working part-time at State, she gardens (in her view, another form of painting)  writes, collects calligraphy, volunteers, and hikes.  In the last few years she has traveled to Jordan and Japan, and she visits her daughter in Paris as well as the New England and Florida coasts each season, hence the pavilions, bistros, seashells and lighthouses that populate many of her paintings.  

Ms. Marcott's e-mail is