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Mark Coffey



Like most artists, my art is a straightforward reflection of my appreciation of the things I see in the world which delight me. I’m pleased to find that the older I get and the more time I spend in nature and the studio, more things delight me. I paint at the easel using the medium of acrylic paint in as simple a manner as possible. I put paint on the canvas with a brush a rag or a sponge and take it off the same way. The paint I take off the canvas is just as important as the paint I put on.

Over the past twenty years I have studied with many teachers and artists in West Chester, Pennsylvania, most of whom had graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with their tradition of realism and plein air painting. Since relocating to Alexandria I have also learned a great deal from the excellent instructors at the Art League.

My main source of inspiration is the landscape. Depending on my mood, I will enjoy rendering the landscape realistically or allow it to become a more abstract expression of nature. My biggest challenge as an artist is to let go of styles which served me well in the past so I can continue to evolve.

Medium: acrylic, pastel

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