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Shante Bullock

Shante Bullock is in love with creating visual stories. From the very first time she held a crayon in her chubby child fingers and paper was placed in front of her, art opened the gateway to capture the world and the creatures (real and imaginary) around her. Being a "military kid" she traveled the globe and the US and art helped her make sense of the ever changing landscape.


Even though she took a break from art, she eventually came back to her first love. A silkscreen class in 2007 brought a rebirth of creativity for her. Now she is on a journey, creating some of her old friends and old worlds, bringing them to some new ones. By using the family photographs and stories of friends, she reflects on the real world at the same time creating her own. Shante currently focuses on printmaking, acrylics, oils and sometimes crayons.