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Artist of the Month: Bryan Jernigan

Bryan Jernigan is a dedicated member of Arlington Artists Alliance and volunteers his effort and time on a regular basis. He is responsible for organizing one of our largest off-site exhibitions, It's A Steal.

Bryan's paintings explore various ways of merging two genres: landscape and abstraction. His most recent work describes the power of nature and references his youth growing up on the flat plains of Oklahoma.  His painting process includes using anything but a brush to build up thin layers of acrylic paint to describe various aspects of open skies, rain, flat lands and the true awesomeness of a power greater than ourselves.

You can view more of Bryan's work at www.bryanjernigan.com or follow him on social media at www.facebook.com/bryanjernigan,

www.facebook.com/bryanjerniganartist or www.instagram.com/bryanj

Artist of the Month

Bryan Jernigan, Iterations 10

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