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Anna Nazaretz Radjou



Anna Nazaretz Radjou’s mixed media artworks are whimsical and unique, featuring her stylized characters in contemplative or darkly humorous scenes. She thoughtfully explores deeply personal feelings such as shyness, isolation or overstimulation, and our emotional responses to life’s little moments. Anna also aims to create snapshots of our navigation of social mores and explorations of the dichotomy of our public versus private self. She currently hand stitches with embroidery floss onto painted fabrics or canvases. Anna also enjoys painting on recycled wooden panels. She often works in these methodical, detailed, and layered styles, giving her time to contemplate and reflect on the subject matter of the piece.

Along with creating art, Anna is an award-winning graphic designer and creative director at her agency, J.A. Creative. She lives in Arlington with her husband and two children.

Instagram: @annaradjouart

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