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Anna Nazaretz Radjou



Anna Nazaretz Radjou is a visual artist and graphic designer. 

Anna's mixed media artworks are whimsical and unique, featuring stylized characters in contemplative scenes. She artistically explores our deeply personal emotional responses to life's moments and navigation of social mores. Anna often works in a time-consuming, detailed layered style, which gives her time to contemplate and reflect on the subject. She is currently working with embroidery floss and acrylics, on recycled fabrics. 

Anna graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, where she developed her love of working with many different mediums. Anna quickly discovered that combining various mediums, allowed her maximum flexibility and created limitless creative possibilities for each project. Upon graduating, Anna threw herself into creating art, for art shows, for commissions, and for her own personal enjoyment. During this time Anna increasingly collaborated with a former colleague, with their success growing into the creation of their own agency, j.a. creative.  With the agency celebrating its 10th anniversary, Anna is excited to renew her efforts and endeavors working on her art.

Anna lives in Arlington, VA, with her husband and two children.

Medium: Embroidery, Acrylic, Mixed Media

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