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Arpi Sahr



My work oscillates between two idioms, the representational and the abstract, with abstraction exerting the stronger pull.

While working on a piece of geometric abstraction, for example, be it in oil, ink, pencil, pastel or assemblages of found objects, a rhythm develops in which body, mind and time feel synchronized. In this synchronicity one feels grounded, secure and serene. If I as the maker and you as the viewer experience this satisfying suspension in time the work has succeeded.

I like to work in a small format because I want my work to be portable in the way that an icon is portable, so that one can wrap it and take it along.

My fine arts studies were under the tutelage of Washington Artists, Thelma Costikyan, Danni Dawson, Bob Hof and Jennie Lea Knight, respectively. I have a BA in The History of Art from The George Washington University, 1972.

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