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Celia Slater



At heart, Celia Slater is a storyteller. Her aim is to create thought-provoking and unexpected images that spur viewers’ imagination and encourage them to take a second look.

Celia has always appreciated photography for its ability to not only capture fleeting moments, but to also inspire broader interpretations. She is drawn to uncovering the hidden layers that are the heart of stories – the colors, textures, and shadows of time.

Currently, she is broadening this process by overlapping two photos through minimal technology. Her goal is to create an unexpected and harmonious whole by extracting the essence of two different images.

Using this approach, Celia’s work highlights the elusiveness of time through the magic of journeys, the hope of a morning sunrise, and the changing seasons. She also breathes new life into once-proud abandoned buildings by pairing them with images that resonate with their own pulse. Or captures the changing tides of nature through silhouettes, fading textures and watery vistas.

Her hope is that her photography will inspire others to look more closely at the world around them and to discover beauty and magic in unexpected places.

Celia is a communications professional whose 40-year career included photography, writing, and graphic design for nonprofit organizations. She recently began focusing on creative photography full time. She is a member of the Arlington Artists Alliance. Several of her pieces are exhibited at the Current Reflections Gallery in Wachapreague, VA.

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