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David Collis



Artist Statement:

I was raised in the rural farmlands of NorthWest Ohio where work starts at an early age and goes from sunup to sundown. It was a daily life of the nostalgic pictures you see of rural farm areas. However idyllic it may seem in pictures, in reality life was a constant sense of sacrifice,

hardships, the passing of those dear to you, renewal, and close kinships with friends and family. Everyone was self-sufficient and could do or figure out how to do just about anything. Those

early rural days helping friends and family and working with wood brought out my love of nature and the natural beauty of trees. However, it was also a life of repetition with little change.

My sense of art is also shaped by my career in the Navy, which took me to 18 different countries and through multiple conflicts, while also living in three different countries and seven different states. Because of this I saw and experienced the best and the worst the world has to offer. This collage of so many differing events and cultures is a major influence, shaping how I saw the interconnectedness of people and the world.

My art incorporates the colors, grains, patterns and uniqueness only nature can create in wood and combines it with metal, resins, leather, and many other materials. Through the use of wood

as a foundation for bringing colors and other media together, I convey emotions, connections between people and places as well as events I have experienced and seen. 

As practical as my upbringing, I particularly enjoy making art that also serves a day to day function, such as charcuterie boards. I strive to make items people not only visually appreciate, but that they will also keep front and center in their home because they will use it daily.


David is living in Northern Virginia and working in Arlington. He is originally from North West Ohio and graduated from the Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in Finance and later a MBA from Seattle University of Washington. David Joined the Navy and served over 20 years. His art is focused on wood as a foundation for combining media and colors to create abstract connections between emotions, people, places, events and experiences. David has always enjoyed various forms of art, but is self taught and draws inspiration from his

experiences around the world. Since transitioning from the Navy, David has been able to settle in one place and put his energy and passion into developing his artistic capabilities.

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