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Ilona Lantos



Creative Bio

I am an educator and artist, whose passion can be summed up in a few words, “creating art is for everyone”. Teaching and art making have been part of my whole life. I used to teach languages, computer graphics, music and jewelry making. Soon after my only child, Chris died from cancer at age 12, I found refuge in art. I attended a grief conference when I encountered painting as a way of dealing with grief. I immediately felt a deep connection with colors. I took a deep dive and started to attend art classes including painting on silk, using acrylic, watercolor and alcohol ink, drawing mandalas, and art journaling. I realized that with brushes and paints I am able to express what is hard to say in words. I committed to rebuilding myself as an artist.

I became certified in a variety of art creation methods including:

Art of Allowing Facilitator 2019.

Cosmic Smash Booking Guide 2018.

Intentional Creativity Teacher 2017.

Currently enrolled in Neurographica Instructor 2021.

I am a member of the Intentional Creativity Guild, the Arlington Artists Alliance, the Del Ray Artisans and Falls Church Arts.

When I am not painting or teaching art, I enjoy practicing mindful awareness meditation and socializing with other artists. I am also dedicated to helping kids with cancer via the Chris Lantos Foundation that my husband and I established in memory of our son. I live in Virginia with my husband Attila and my son’s cat Mr. Mittens.

Artist Statement

I believe that using our creative power for curating consciousness, self-expression and spiritual transformation should be available to everyone.

I used to think that art was just for the “talented”. This limiting idea must have been planted into my mind long time ago. The truth is that creating art to communicate and to express ourselves is our human nature. With art we can transform our false beliefs to change our lives.

When I pick up the brush or marker and allow the creative spirit to pour out in the form of colors, symbols, marks and inquiries, I can see the soul part of me that was invisible before. This creative process enables me to weave my new life stories and be the co-creator of my future. For me painting is a sacred act of cultivating compassion towards others, as well as learning about myself at a deep spiritual level.

In my paintings and drawings I particularly like to capture the intricate moment of the unconscious material breaking through the veil of mystery and showering the viewer with beauty and illumination.

Medium: acrylic, watercolor, mixed media

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