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Jackie Afram



My art comes from my life experiences. Photos of friends and family are favorite sources for subjects and I draw inspiration from museum collections and enjoy trying to detect artists’ special techniques. I approach each painting with the style I believe best suits the subject. I have learned to add or subtract paint, and push it around with palette knife, brush, finger or paper towel. Oil paint is my primary media. I work with a variety of oil mediums like Gamsol, Liquin, cold wax, and linseed oil with my oil paints from tubes, markers, sticks and other pigments.  I use different tools on canvas, panels and paper to adapt these materials to suit realistic, impressionistic, and abstract styles depending on the subject. The many ways one can use oil paint with a variety of media intrigues me. Recently I have enjoyed using oil bars, oil markers on black canvas and cold wax on panels and paper. Each painting is a learning experience and I look forward to more experiences.

Medium: Oil and mixed media

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