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Julia Bezgacheva



Originally from Siberia, I have lived in Arlington, Virginia, for over 20 years. Data Scientist with a Ph.D. in mathematics, I enjoy painting the world in all its forms, drawing inspiration from my travels and local scenery. I do not limit my art to particular subjects but rather aim to paint light, air, and emotions, whether in a landscape, still life, or a human or animal portrait.

I work primarily in soft pastel, a tactile medium that creates infinite possibilities of expressive mark-making and luminous colors. My mixed-media and encaustic works often include some soft pastels as well. I am a member of the Arlington Artist Alliance, an Exhibiting artist member of The Art League, and a member of several pastel societies.  My works have been presented in international, national, and local exhibitions. 

You can see my process, behind the scenes, and sketches from life drawing sessions on Instagram at .

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