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Medina Roberts



Throughout her life, she has also belonged to various art associations and clubs.

But for Medina, art serves most importantly as a platform for her life’s message. Her work, she notes, “appeals to the world for justice and mercy.

Medina picked up a paintbrush at the age of eight and never put it down. Given Medina’s family history, it was a natural step for her.

She recalls, “Painting was the way I drew close to my artist father. He and my mother lived in Germany, while I lived with my grandparents in Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina). My parents had to leave the country in order to find work.”

With her creativity, Medina found her way “home.” In fact, she says that throughoutthe years, her art has captured not only her pain but also the loves in her life. It has also expressed who she hopes to become.

Medina’s work has been featured in shows and exhibits from the time she was in middle school in Bosni-Herzegovina

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