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Miguel Espinoza



Miguel Espinoza began drawing and painting at a young age and has always been inspired by color in nature and how it affects the human psyche. Using various media, he paints portraits. landscapes and abstract art directly from life, or by using photograph as reference to extract expressive shapes and colors. His work is not overly concerned with exact representation but rather composition and balance. He prefers to paint large scale canvases to draw the viewer into the work.

He graduated with honors and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. He has done commission artwork for friends and family and has exhibited at Long Beach and Windward Community Colleges, University of Hawaii, and was selected to participate in a traveling exhibit in Columbia, South America. In DC, his work was exhibited at the Phillips Collection Staff Show and Art-O-Matic.

He was assistant Preparator at the Contemporary Museum in Makiki Heights in Oahu, Hawaii and coordinated College Art 1990. He was a Museum Assistant at the Phillips Collection and a volunteer at the Smithsonian American Arts Museum.

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