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Reshea Deloatch



Reshea Deloatch has always remembered loving two things – art and math. Her first serious painting was an acrylic painting of her cabbage patch doll. She’s been into portraits ever since and has read hundreds of biographies. She’s not only into studying, drawing, and painting the features of a person; she wants to get to know their life as intimately as the freckles on their face. Reshea initially created detailed lead drawings until she grew more comfortable with acrylic painting and eventually oil painting. She enjoys creating abstract art in ink and also digital art of many types. Reshea likes to work large, so creating a 7-ft. painting or a wall mural is not out of the norm. Reshea’s son, now in his twenties, grew up accustomed to a new wall mural every so often including Squidward chasing Sponge Bob and Patrick in a clamshell which was later painted over by the Black Panther Comic and other murals as he grew older. Reshea is excitedly creating new works for Arlington.

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