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Rex Pace



Rex Pace paints with heavy textures using many tinted gels and pastes. Metallic, interference, and other unique paints are also favorites that are applied in a range of methods from traditional brush techniques to thick extrusions using paint knives and squeeze bottles. While experimentation and innovation are central to Rex’s process, these methods fundamentally support a structured approach to creating images that explore archetypical images from the intersection of the conscious and unconscious mind that give us a sense of time, place, feeling, and identity. In particular, many of Rex’s paintings construct these facets into either overt or suggestive architectural or landscape contexts.

Rex graduated from the North Carolina State University College of Design and for over the past twenty-five years has been an illustrator, author, and architectural designer focused on access to the built environment for people with disabilities and advancing the concept of Universal Design, a belief that our society’s architecture, transportation, and products should be inclusive of people of all abilities and ages. Rex has been an artist since he was a small child and capable of holding a crayon to mark on any nearby surface. Eventually, he progressed to his current choice medium of acrylic paint.

Rex lives in Arlington, VA, with his wife Michele without whom he would not get nearly as much painting done.

Rex will work on commissioned projects, please contact for more information.

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