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Sheila Godlock



My name is Sheila Godlock and I am a full time Mixed Media Sculptor currently working and living in Fairfax, Virginia.  When I discovered sculpture in November 1999, I discovered my life’s work and passion.  It was as though a light bulb ignited my entire life and I began living with purpose and meaning.  I took my first sculpture class at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA in January 2000 and primarily studied under Chuck Johnson.  Mr. Johnson not only taught me human anatomy but also emphasized the importance of expressing emotion sculpturally.  I’ve also studied anatomy and sculpture techniques under Patrick Birge at Reunion Studios in Washington, DC.  My primary medium is paper clay whose properties allow me the flexibility of working with various materials to create and design sculpture pieces that are whimsical and fun.  My works are colorful, quirky and joyful and are designed to express and elicit pleasure from the viewer.  As I begin each piece, I choose a pose that I love and then create the ‘personality’ of the piece from there.  I use a variety of materials to create each piece including paper clay, yarn, beads, acrylic paint, ink, wood, and stencils.  I also love to combine different patterns such as dots, crosses, and squares into one piece.  My hope is that the viewer’s eye travels over each sculpture only to find something new every time the sculpture is seen.

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