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Art Unmasked

A Group Show Led by
Hernan Murno

Dates: April 1 -25, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 2022, 5-7 p.m.

Some galleries have in the past three or four months, started offering, once again, in person exhibits;  till then, many of us had to show our work in our websites, social media or on-line shows.  Some of us have endured the frustration of having our shows postponed or cancelled with little notice,  because of the pandemic.  Our work is not meant to be appreciated that way, as nothing can replace the in-person experience of being in front of a piece of art.  How can you possibly experience what Rothko means when he says that to appreciate his work you are meant to be “in it,” when you see and image of one of his enormous pieces small on a computer screen?  

I was mindful of this when I decided to have three more artists join me for this exhibit at Gallery Underground.  Now we are four artists that for the first time are exhibiting together their work as a group.

Four artists that approach art making in very different ways, but, at the same time, all fueled by a desire to express themselves with paint, ink, collage, wax and more, on paper, wood and canvas.  In this exhibit, for this short period of time, the viewer will be able to find relationships that transcend the individual styles and themes.

There will be pieces entirely made with encaustic, where wax is king, others with collage as principal, or metal leaves embedded in paint.  All of them have elements in common the discerning viewer will delight themselves in discovering.

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