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Offbeat/Mixed Media

By Steena Fullmer and
Anna Nazaretz Radjou 

Dates: October 31 - November 25, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday, November 4, 2022, 5 to 7 pm

The Focus Gallery presents Offbeat/Mixed Media from artists Steena Fullmer and Anna Nazaretz Radjou during the month of November. The works from Ms Fullmer and Ms Radjou deploy glass, found objects, stenciling, fabric, embroidery, acrylic, paper and wood in creating patterns, symbols and unleashed statements. From fantastical and fun to weird and wild, the unexpected is showcased in every moment. Ms Fullmer and Ms Radjou came together to share the show after discovering their mutual passion for mixing mediums in unconventional ways. Their synergy extends to style, backgrounds, color, and even their taste for the alternative in music.

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